Thursday, October 23, 2003

Yea so..this is my new journal. I didn't like my old one. It didn't have enough freedome for me. So..I'm just going to..talk about my day..even though it was horribly un-eventful. Yea so..this morning I go to school..nothing happens all day..except ya know same ole same ole..me wanting to cry in the middle of the day cause I hate it there so much!! Moving on..I hate mrs sankovich. She's so mean to me. It's was mole day today. Isn't that weird. WEll i'm not in chemistry so it doesn't affect me at all. Anyhow..I <3 Suzy!! She's sooo cute. WE were supposed to have a meeting after school..but that didn't turn out so well. Where's zakir. I want to talk to him..now..right now..not later. I have yet to do my homework. So yea..while I was in the car with mrs.beverstock I started talking about school cause she was asking about it..and I like went off on a I-hate-mags tangent. It was bad..and right when I walked out of the car I burst into tears. It was awful. I would kill to go to lakewood. Like okay..at public schools you get t he academic and social experience..at mags all you get is the academic experience. I hate it..you know..i'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about me complain about school..but her guess what..I don't care what you think..you don't have to read my journal. So i went out to dinner with the deutschmans..it was fun. I like dressing up and going out..it was fun..!! Alright..i'm done..buh bye..I should go to do my homework!!

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